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Tech tips for live-streaming classroom lectures and seminars

By | 24th November 2021

After one and a half year into the Corona pandemic, at many German universities, videoconferencing solutions (*) for lectures and seminars are still largely unavailable. As a consequence, more teaching than necessary happens online only, with all the depressing ramifications. In the report ‘Portable and Flexible Tech Setups for Blended Synchronous University Courses’, I describe… Read More »

Launching the Industrial Ecology Open Online Course (IEooc)

By | 31st January 2018

To raise the standard of industrial ecology research we need to offer more examples of good research practice and teach future students the analytical skills that are required to adopt that practice. To that end I created the Industrial Ecology open online course (IEooc) by combining external content with large parts of my own teaching… Read More »