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Feedback on MFA guideline proposal solicited

By | 19th August 2020

Dear fellow MFA practitioners and members of the section for socioeconomic metabolism of the ISIE,   A large number of datasets are being compiled and produced as part of material flow analysis (MFA) research, but many of them are not available or cumbersome to extract (pdf, lacking systems context). For this reason, researchers often have… Read More »

Wege zur Verbesserung der Wissensakkumulation in der Nachhaltigkeitsforschung – Ein Kommentar

By | 25th November 2019

Das Arbeitsleben eines Nachhaltigkeitswissenschaftlers kann manchmal frustrierend sein. Viele Veröffentlichungen sind nicht oder nur schwer zugänglich, Daten sind nicht verfügbar und die berichteten Ergebnisse oft nicht reproduzierbar. Immer noch beginnen zu viele DoktorandInnen ihre Arbeit mit einer leeren Excel-Arbeitsmappe, tragen aber wenig bis nicht zum Werkzeugkasten der Wissenschaft bei, so dass die nächste Doktorandengeneration wieder… Read More »

Confessions of Reviewer 2

By | 21st December 2018

During the last eight years, I have peer-reviewed about 100 manuscripts for the industrial ecology (IE) community. I now accept around two invitations per month, and enjoy (in most cases) learning about fresh research from the various branches of the field and duly checking and giving feedback on it. When accepting review invitations from the… Read More »

Launching the prototype of an Industrial Ecology Data Inventory

By | 17th October 2018

Re-using data and results from other peoples’ research is crucial to consistent and cumulative research, yet it is also often a frustrating experience. Many raw data and results are not available, and those that are available are often hidden in pdfs or books and need to be manually extracted. The access to research data in… Read More »

On the future of scientific publishing for sustainability research

By | 26th July 2018

When I was introduced to industrial ecology about ten years ago, I never came across anybody substantially questioning the publishing system. Impact factors were considered but did not matter too much, Nature Climate Change and Nature Sustainability did not exist yet, open access was not an issue, and scholars were rather modest in their choice… Read More »

Offene Forschungsinfrastruktur für Industrial Ecology

By | 15th May 2018

Um neue Forschungsfragen zur Nachhaltigkeit zu erschließen und Industrial Ecology als Forschungsfeld sichtbarer zu machen, ist eine bessere Forschungsinfrastruktur nötig. Die Rede ist hier von Datenbanken, Datenstrukturen, Modellierungswerkzeugen und Lehrmaterial. Die Entwicklung und Bereitstellung solcher Infrastruktur nach dem Prinzip “offene Wissenschaft” kann zu schnelleren Erfolgen führen, indem man die Kompetenz und Erfahrung einer großen Zahl… Read More »

Sustainability scientists: Make research results available!

By | 25th June 2017

Researchers and stakeholders in sustainability science and industrial ecology in particular often find it difficult to access and re-use the results of quantitative analyses described in the literature. The lack of access to data is part of a wider reproducibility problem in contemporary science [https://www.nature.com/news/empty-rhetoric-over-data-sharing-slows-science-1.22133], and several initiatives were started to alleviate the problem, reaching… Read More »

Workshop about the interface between openLCA and Python

By | 6th March 2017

On February 27 and 28, three researchers from Industrial Ecology Freiburg joined the GreenDelta team in Berlin for a workshop on the interface between openLCA and Python. The workshop resulted in the creation of a tutorial by GreenDelta’s chief programmer Michael Srocka, which can be found here: https://github.com/GreenDelta/openlca-python-tutorial openLCA is a professional open source LCA… Read More »