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Material Footprint Implications of Low-Carbon Technologies

By | 30th October 2022

Energy scarcity and material abundance characterize the current global economy. Demand for energy services in buildings, transport, and industry cannot be met, after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine triggered multiple sanctions and supply chain disruptions for fossil fuels, mainly in Western Europe but also beyond. But even before, energy costs were on the rise due to… Read More »

Scientists Urge to Integrate Energy-Metal Nexus into Carbon Neutrality Pledges

By | 18th June 2022

Carbon neutrality requires systematic transformations and revolutions of both energy and metal systems. Countries, cities, and companies across the world are pledging to become carbon neutral within the next few decades. These will evoke a systematic transformation in all industrial and service sectors, in which the low-carbon transition in the energy system is regarded as… Read More »