Tech tips for live-streaming classroom lectures and seminars

After one and a half year into the Corona pandemic, at many German universities, videoconferencing solutions (*) for lectures and seminars are still largely unavailable. As a consequence, more teaching than necessary happens online only, with all the depressing ramifications.

In the report ‘Portable and Flexible Tech Setups for Blended Synchronous University Courses’, I describe several makeshift solutions to the problem: Low-cost, off-the shelf, and flexible setups for converting any lecture hall or seminar room with WiFi and a projector into a videoconferencing location.

The report contains a descrition of the different setups that were developed, tested, and used successfully during multiple lectures, seminars, tutorials, and thesis defenses during the winter semester 2021/2022 and report our fixes and workarounds to the problems we encountered.

Click here for the report: IEF_WP_1_2022_Blended_Synchronous_Tech_Setup_Pauliuk-komprimiert (final version of February 2022)

I hope you will find this material useful, and am looking forward to receiving your feedback and shared experience via email to


*) Professional videoconferencing solutions connect a group of team members or students in a meeting room or lecture hall with a number of online and remote participants, allowing for smooth exchange of audio, video, and screen sharing at high quality.

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