Research Seminar on “Land use, land scarcity, and land use transformation in sustainable development”

Under the umbrella of the Uni’s focus area, Environment and Sustainability, this semester will feature a research seminar with the broad topic “Land use, land scarcity, and land use transformation in sustainable development – Transformation research across multiple disciplines”.

The goal of this 3-hr-seminar is twofold: First, there will be research briefings and discussions on related perspectives regarding land use and land use transformation to trigger a cross-disciplinary dialogue. Second, to learn about different transformation research frameworks and concepts and get an incentive to relate own work to these.

The timing of the event is as follows: Friday, June 11, 13:00-16:00

The zoom link for this meeting can be requested via

The seminar is divided into two separate sessions, which can also be attended individually.

Session 1: 13:00-14:30 – Land use and scarcity problems, measuring land use in global supply chains, and land use policy.

13:00-13:05 – Stefan Pauliuk: Welcome, scope, and intro
13:05-13:20 – Alexandra Maria Klein: “Transforming cultural landscapes to conserve pollinating insects”
13:20-13:35 – Christopher Morhart: “Agroforestry: trees as a tool for transforming conventional agricultural systems into systems with improved functionality and sustainability”
13:35-13:50 – Metodi Sotirov: “The global regulation of deforestation and forest land use change: an transnational supply chain regulatory governance perspective”
13:50-14:05 – Robert John: “Land use transformation in Phnom Penh: A mixed method approach to infilling in urbanizing floodplains”
14:05-14:30 – Discussion
14:30-14:45 – BREAK

Session 2: 14.45-16:00 – Wood harvesting and wood use: towards an integrated perspective.                

14:45-14:50 – Stefan Pauliuk: Welcome, scope, and intro
14:50-15:05 – Thomas Seifert: “Interdisciplinary land use planning for optimising ecosystem services”
15:05-15:20 – Rasoul Yosefpour: “Global Wood Harvest Rates in RCP Scenarios”
15:20-15:35 – Rio Aryapratama: “The role of in-use product stocks, material substitution, and land-use strategies in enhancing the climate change mitigation potential of wood-based products in Indonesia.”
15:35-15:55 – Discussion

15:55-16:00 – Outlook     

Looking forward to this event!

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