Good Scientific Practice in Industrial Ecology – A Factsheet

Inspired by discussions during the ISIE conference in Beijing, I compiled a fact sheet on Good Scientific Practice in Industrial Ecology, based on some teaching material that I had available and input from colleagues who are acknowledged.

The document, which is available under

is part of the industrial ecology open online course (IEooc). It has three sections:

1) Research ethics overview: Core scientific principles and good scientific conduct.
2) Best practice for carrying out, documenting, and publishing industrial ecology research, including recommendations for report structure and scientific writing as well as reproducible research.
3) Some state-of-the art tools and infrastructure for IE research.

I think that we need guidelines like this one to remind ourselves of what our values and principles are as sustainability researchers.
Values translate into norms translate, which again translate into standards and rules.
The document can serve as guidance for new and as continuous inspiration for established scholars.

I invite you to have a look. Feel free to circulate, criticise, and suggest other content!

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