OASES Project Kickoff Meeting

The Swiss-funded research project OASES (Open assessment of Swiss economy and society) had its kickoff meeting on April 19, 2018, in Freiburg.

The main objective of the project is to significantly improve the assessment of footprints for greenhouse gases and pollutants, natural resources, critical materials and the social consequences of Swiss end use. The process database, “ecoinvent”, will be linked to the global, multiregional input-output database, “EXIOBASE”, in order to map all products and production regions relevant for the determination of consumer footprints. Current methods for analysing the risk and criticality of raw materials will be applied.

The project is led by Chris Mutel from PSI and involves researchers from EMPA’s Technology and Society lab as well as IEF researchers Arthur Jacobs and Stefan Pauliuk, who will contribute with methodology and software development for comprehensive and accurate supply chain models.



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