Launching the Industrial Ecology Open Online Course (IEooc)

To raise the standard of industrial ecology research we need to offer more examples of good research practice and teach future students the analytical skills that are required to adopt that practice. To that end I created the Industrial Ecology open online course (IEooc) by combining external content with large parts of my own teaching material. The focus of this course is not so much on texts and lectures but on the almost 25 exercises and software examples, which form the core of this course. The IEooc is hosted on our web server:

Hope that the material offered here will be useful to a wider audience!

A side note: In 2017, our state government decided to introduce tuition fees for non-EU students, but 80% of this money goes straight into the state budget and is not at the universities’ disposal. Most students from developing countries now have to pay 3000 EUR per year just as an entry fee to our unis, without getting additional teaching-related service compared to the EU28 students, who don’t pay the fee. Partly in response to such an in my view discriminatory policy I decided to make most of my teaching material freely available to everybody.

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