Visit of Prof. Yasushi Kondo at IEF

Last month, IEF was honoured to host Yasushi Kondo, professor of Econometrics at the Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University, Tokyo. Yasushi is a leading expert on input-output models and their application to material flow analysis. He spent one week in Freiburg to deepen the collaboration on MaTrace, a model framework to trace the fate of metals in our society’s metabolism. The plan is to build a multiregional version of MaTrace and apply it to calculate the useful lifetime of steel in society and to estimate where in the world the steel from the products we discard will end up eventually.

Thanks a lot for your visit Yasushi!

Update (2017): The results of our common effort were published recently in the Journal Resources, Conservation and Recycling. The model code and the data to run it are available on GitHub.

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